Friday, April 10, 2009


thursday for lab for r.o.t.c we had to rappel down the side of a building on campus. i did this before at summer camp but the tallest i rappeled from was fifty feet the wall at school had to be at least sixty. to make matters worst we were outside while the wind was blowing. the first time as soon as i stepped onto the roof i started crying cause i was freaked out i mean i saw the top of the football stadium from there. the sergeant wouldn't let me go the first time because he said the rope didn't look right going through my harness. turns out he was doing it the way for right handed people not left. when it was time for me to go down and i had to stand on the ledge i started crying agian and he kept asking me did i want to do it and i kep telling him yes. i hate going over the ledge cause as soon as you do it feels like your falling and that is the scariest feeling ever. going down was so much fun though i was gonna go again but he started raining so i couldn't

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