Tuesday, March 24, 2009


sterotypes need to stop immediatly i mean their stupid and a conversation that me and my friends had totally pissed me off ok so according to my friends (the ones that are black) im trying to be white or im a "oreo" because instead of knowing every single rap song and wearing urban gear everyday i would rather listen to alternative and wear preppy clothes. ok yeah so what i would rather listen to good charlotte and linkin park then some rapper rappin about the same thing that every rapper do. money sex cars clothes and jewlry sorry if i get bored with it. my other friends ( the white ones) totally agreed with me and said that it was stupid cause kids at thier school use to say that the white students were trying to be black cause they listened to rap. if your gonna be ignorant don't do it in public keep the comments to yourself . some people just have an open range of music that they like and i am one of them. its other sterotypes that need to be talked about but it would take a whole book to cover them all

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