Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Physical Training/Tactical Training Day

ok so today since im in R.O.T.C (army) i had to do a physical training test also known as PT at 5:30 in the morning. my first one i completely failed it i only did nine push ups twenty four sit ups and my run in twenty eight minutes and fifty five seconds ( i was the last one to finish of course). this time i actually finished the run in twenty two minutes and thirty five seconds and did thirty six sit ups, unfortunatly i only did ten push ups because i lost my balance(WTF) and to make things worst i probably still failes the test because according to the army it still sucks. Going back to last saturday we had tactical training day. at 4:45 in the morning i had to be at the R.O.T.C building where we recieved our plastic M-16s and MREs which is the nasiest food you could ever eat. i had bbq ribs and a beef patty and they tasted exactly the same (like something somebody threw up and put back into the bag. anyway at 5:30 we had to ruck march like four miles with ruck bags on our back mine was like 10 pounds filled with unnessacary things that we wasn't gonna use. bad enough we had to march in the streets when its still dark outside but then we had to walk through woods that had ditches in them and was flooded with water i almost sprained my ankle falling into a hole that i couldn't see. at about 7:00 we was finally able to rest in the cold hard wet ground (lucky us) it started raining. im like wtf just completly fml cause im tired hungrey cold and now wet. we had to do stix lanes with different scenarios like ambushing, taking over a bunker, taking communication devices. those were fun we had to run through trees climb hills and alot of things but i had fun with that. the part i didn't like was when i had to pee in the woods (do u know how hard that is for a girl). next we had to do day and night land nav was cool but night nav had me scared out of my mind. i seen to many scary movies i know wat happens in the woods at night and its not fun. i almost died going up a hill that was about thirty feet and almost falling from it. at the end of the day i went home with scrapes and bruises all over my body and three ticks. those things hurt like hell to take off but um yeah thats about it... so um i guess i'll write later.....uuuunnmmmm yeah soooo like bye

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