Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paint Ball

yesterday me and some people from r.o.t.c went out to play paintball which was the fucking best ever i might add. in all it was twelve of us and i was the only girl but i stuck it through with the guys.the worst part about it was that it started raining so we had to play most of our rounds inside. the good thing was that we played inside an abandoned building that used to be an insane asylum that is rumored to be haunted. one team was on the second floor while the second team was in the basement and we met or engaged on the first floor. those rounds were crazy cause it was so many rooms that u could hide in and hard for people to see u it was crazy i kept getting shot even after i was dead which hurted like hell espically since it was simi close range. i ended up getting six briuses one one both arms another on the side of my stomach and three on my right thigh two right next to each other. we played capture the flag in the woods and that was even funnier cause we had more room to play but we had to lay down in the wet cold mud my team lost both times during that and we had one final match before we left inside the house we used a human shield to win that game cause he wasn't afraid to get shot. im offically addicted to paintball now i want to play it all the time. i plan on getting my own paintball set before i go back home and im gonna have some fun i can't wait.

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