Tuesday, March 24, 2009

first time

ok i signed up for this blog a few months ago but this is my first time actually writing something. since i m new to this i don't know exactly to write i guess i can go with how i feel my life is going right now. so my life is pretty good i have good friends im doing well in school and im pretty happy. my heart on the other hand is in horrible condition not in the medical sense but relationship wise. i mean i been hurt so many times and sometimes more than once by the same people. i can't help it though because i wear my heart on my sleeve and im a sucker for love. its just that when i really like someone or im in a relationship i put my all into it and in the end im always the one that get hurts. because of that i now suffer from depression and panic attacks. im currently single and right now for my sake i think that its for the best. right now im just scared to love again and have a very strong shield around my heart that i don't know when im gonna be strong enough to let it down. wow this is kind of depressing for a first blog but oh well shit happens

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